Established in 1979. The first principal was Mr C Breytenbach. The school
predominantly 70% White and 30% Black Staff Population. White teachers
had a government transport bringing them to school and driving them to
their various destinations and black teachers had to find their own
way to and from school.

Bhukulani was a good and working school since its inception until the late
eighties and in the early nineties, the school experienced serious
disciplinary problems, especially on the side of the learners instigated
by the then political unrest of the country. School vandalized was the norm
and with the school on the verge of closure, organisations such as the
Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) fought head on rebuilt the school.  

The PTA and the Southern African Student Volunteers Organization (SASVO)
involved the Department of Education and the then MEC (Ms Mary Metcalfe),
assisted with painting the school and replacing essential infrastructure
namely, doors, window-panes, chalkboards to name a few.

Restoring the culture of teaching and learning became a huge task for the old School Management Team and the then Mr L. F Mahloko
in 1997, achieving only a 21,5%  matric pass rate.

1998 saw the appointment of  the current principal, Mr. M. M. Mathe (principal) who cultivated a great teaching methodology which saw
the school achieving a whopping 70% matric pass rate. A great turn-around within the same year and it has never looked back.
Within the year 1998, vision as well as mission statements were developed and accepted by all stakeholders. Systems that had
already collapsed were put in place and Bhukulani began to be "a functional school".  Parents began to have confidence in the school
and began to bring back their children for teaching and learning purposes. Credit to this breakthrough goes to all members of staff
as well as the School Governing Body, working hand-in-hand to restore order and a culture of teaching and learning. 

School History
- Gauteng Department of Education -
The staff and the school's governance are determined to continue
working hard in providing quality education at the school.

We want our learners to enjoy a meaningful and worthwhile experience
at Bhukulani.  We are committed in producing learners that will
contribute meaningfully to the economy and development
of our beautiful country.
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