Our debating team is becoming stronger and stronger each year and
has participated and became the best team for the past three years.

We are always trying to expose our learners to various religions for
educational purposes.  This is done through involving volunteers to
address learners at assembly on Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays

Awards & Achievements
Much as teaching and learning is high on the school's agenda, Bhukulani also develops
its learners on other activities like sport, debate, music, arts & culture.

Bhukulani was selected as the Secondary School of the Year (Sport): District D11.
We now fall under Johannesburg Central D14.

Our learners are afforded the opportunity to participate and excel in soccer, netball,
athletics and volleyball. We have a very strong choir that does not only win trophies yearly
but, is always utilized by our district office for various functions and events.

The school is specializing in soccer. We have
produced learners that have played soccer
competitively professionally as well
as semi-professionally.  

Results (MATRIC) over the the past 10 years:
1997                :        21,50%
1998                :        70,00%
1999                :        68,09%
2000                :        85,91%
2001                :        80,49%
2002                :        77,35%
2003                :        84,03%
2004                :        82,21%
2005                :        89,26%
2006                :        97,66%
2007                :        95,34%
2008                :        98,31%
2009                :        94,00%
2010                :        94,84%
2011                :        80.00%
2012                :        .........
2013                :        Watch this space…
- Gauteng Department of Education -
The staff and the school's governance are determined to continue
working hard in providing quality education at the school.

We want our learners to enjoy a meaningful and worthwhile experience
at Bhukulani.  We are committed in producing learners that will
contribute meaningfully to the economy and development
of our beautiful country.
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