The school was taken over by New Management and Governance and things
changed for the better. With a new principal and management team which
worked tirelessly to turn things around in 1998. Physical and Social Sciences
were introduced for the first time in 1998 to cater for the needs of the
community. Learner intake steadily improved with more parents gaining
confidence in the school since there was now discipline, which was lacking
in the previous management and governance and more importantly, the
culture of teaching and learning was visibly and immensely improved.

Presently, the school has registered 1425 learners.

Presently, the school of these features....

  • Biology laboratory
  • Science laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory (donated by Gauteng Online, GDE)

Extramural activities

  • School choir
  • Debating team

Sporting activities are also catered for....

  • Soccer pitch  (not in school premises)
  • Volleyball  (not in school premises)
  • Cricket  (not in school premises)
  • Tennis court  (which needs urgent revamp)
  • Basketball court  (which needs urgent revamp)
  • Netball court  (which needs urgent revamp)

Other sporting activities are also provided by the school, such as cricket
and athletics.
Mr E Breytenbach  ............. 1979-1981

Mr D Lombard .................... 1982-1988

Mr LF Mahloko ................... 1989-1997

Dr MM Mathe ....................  1998- to date.

Principal of the School:
- Gauteng Department of Education -
The staff and the school's governance are determined to continue
working hard in providing quality education at the school.

We want our learners to enjoy a meaningful and worthwhile experience
at Bhukulani.  We are committed in producing learners that will
contribute meaningfully to the economy and development
of our beautiful country.
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